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A little story with dialogues about the burglar Ed: "A problematic theft"


Exemple of a self-written story in english.

Lesson: write a little story with dialogues about the burglar Ed (from exercise book page?)

The burglar Ed has prepared himself for this big highlight for a long time. It was a cold winter-night, in which he wanted to break into the house of Walter, a rich boss of a big-concern, to steal about his entire fortune. Ed already spied him for some weeks, because nothing should run incorrectly on this day. 

Ed wore no mask and no gloves on this day. They were in the laundry. He had to therefore proceed especially carefully to leave about no evidences. He had luck. Because Walter is so forgetfully, he left the window open. However Walter not yet slept and made some meal for itself in the kitchen. He had hunger because he was on work long and that is why he wore his suit as well. Suddenly, Ed saw him in the kitchen and Walter screamed: "What do you do here? Vanish or I will call the police".   

“I had not reckoned with it. I thought you has slept long time ago.", Ed replied to him. "I will make you silent", Ed said, knocked down Walter and bound him at a chair.   

He stole him with it the key for the safe. But Walter screamed so loudly he could scream and Ed had worries, somebody could hear it. 

"Shut up your mouth ", Ed said and threatened him. "No I will scream until somebody rescues me". Walter replied to him defiantly. 

Then, Ed get a good idea. He switched the TV to the loudest level and Walter was no longer listens. Now, Ed had all time of the world to empty the safe and to stuff everything into his sack. 

"Thank you for the nice offering!" told him Ed cynically. But this did not matter to Walter. “I only wanted to be freed”, Walter said sighs.

Finally Ed left the bound Walter alone, escaped by car and made itself a beautiful life with the stolen money.

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  • Autor: T.Z.
  • Fach: Englisch
  • Stufe: 12. Klasse
  • Erstellt: 2006
  • Note: Ohne Wertung
  • Aktualisiert: 19.09.22

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