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Global warming (paper-report)


(Vortrag zur globalen Erwärmung auf Englisch in Stichpunkten, report about global warming in english)

->At the beginning: want to give out some caricatures 2 YOU for taxing your brains…

-Global warming describes the current increase of the global average-temperature. 

-The name was shaped between the 80ies and 90ies and refers to anthropogenic changes of the global climate. 

->  (in this case anthropogenic means changes which are "caused by human") 

-These changes consist not only in the increase of the average-temperature of planet Earth, ___

but they are accompanied by a multiplicity of regional and local phenomenons. 

-Most Scientists say, there are 3 principal causes for global warming. 

-The first reason is the increased solar-activity. (!)

-More often, the sun radiates more intensive and more dangerous radiations to our planet from year to year. 

-Furthermore natural emissions are the second reason.  (!)

-That includes volcanic eruptions, forest-fires and other emission producing sources. 

-> Through these processes many carbon dioxides and other toxic gases released and soar up to the atmosphere. 

-The last and by far most important cause is the anthropogenic greenhouse effect.  (die Zahlen entsprechen gemalten BIldern an der ja easy)

-> It works in the following way: 

-People burn toxic waste and fossil fuels,

they use the car at every opportunity and

they produce generally much emissions like carbon dioxide and CFC (chlorofluorocarbon). (1) 

-The outcome of this process is that the emissions, mostly carbon dioxide,  soar up and build an own layer in the atmosphere. (2)

-If the solar radiation (3) touch the earth now, it will be reflected (4),

but can't get out of the atmosphere because the "emission-layer" prevent that natural expiry (5). 

-And that is why solar radiation comes back, stays on earth and heats up the atmosphere so that we have a global warming all over the world..(6) 

In addition to that I have a nice diagram.  (!)

-It shows that the global average-temperature has raised in the last 140 years about approximately 1 degree Celsius.

-Moreover does it prove that the temperature dramatically rise and becomes higher from year to year. 

-Furthermore scientists are of the opinion that the global average-temperature rises up to 5 degrees until 2050. 

All the mentioned reasons create the so-called effect of "global warming". (Mitte!) 

-The consequences of global warming are extensive and disastrous. 

-One of the worst results is the displacement of the climate and vegetation-zones. 

-> The outcome of this is that the balance of nature will be disturbed and a lot of species become extinct. 

-Another result of global warming is the melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers.

-> So on the one hand the sea level rises, which entails more floods and the elimination of some islands.

-> And on the other hand warm streams, like the gulf-stream, get colder, and so some countries get colder too (like europe in this case)! 

-Besides another consequence is that the weather will playing mad.

->That means we have heavier rainfalls and winds, but also more heat waves and hurricans.  

-Last but not least I want to mention some other results in a note form:

->for example the agriculture will have a bad harvest,

->then the deserts become bigger

->besides less snow falls down

->and finally the solar acitivity favors skin cancer.

-In the end of my report I want to present some ways how we could get out of that vicious circle:

-> First we can save energy by using renewable energy,

-> by using public transport

-> and by turning off the heaters on night.

-> In addition to that we should buy environment friendly products and biodegradable materials. 

-For summing up
and making the point

we can notice that global warming is an self-inflicted effect by the human race

and if we do nothing against it, we will get assimilate...


Die Nummern 1-6 werden an der Tafel skizziert und entspr. Beschrieben.


accompanied by – begleitet von

natural expiry – natürlicher vorgang

displacement – verschiebung

entail- nach sich ziehen

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