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"Designer Baby born to childless couple" (Self-written newspaper article)


some surgeons managed in collaboration with a few scientists to clone a human being successfully in order to support the childless couple Mr and Mrs Haventchild. "Now we are a real nuclear family", the new father proudly proclaimed.

For many years they have waited for a so-called "test-tube baby" to realize family planning. Both partners cannot become parents because of an accident they had many years ago. After they found a suitable surrogate mother, the artificial insemination, taken from a seriously sperm bank, took place quite soon.

"I wish the baby just the best and I am sure, that they will bring it up in the right way", the surrogate mother Mrs Unknown wistfully told.

Both parties have not seen eachother anytime and moreover it is layed (?) down to law that Mrs Unknown is not permitted to get any rights on that score.
Finally we may draw the conclusion that the new technique is a ray of hope for childless couples, provided that nobody gets hurt...

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